Rare Healing Purple Flame Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster (85g)

Rare Healing Purple Flame Angel Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster (85g)

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This 85g Purple Flame Angel Aura Quartz is permanently fused with titanium crystals which is why it has the beautiful aura quality and ethereal color.

This crystal, associated with the Third Eye and Root Chakras, helps to bring energy, excitement and a motivation for life. 

It provides instant feeling of a calm, relaxing overall affect on the emotional overwhelmed / tired or depleted body which helps to soothe and heal the aura just by holding this crystal or having it in the same room as you are.

They are exceptional for releasing negativity and stress, old wounds, and long-held doubts about one’s self-worth.

These crystals are uplifting to the spirit and promote natural joy, hope, and optimism.

This special quartz adds a beautiful angel or fairy like magical essence to any space.

With this crystal in hand or near your side; you will be able to improve your meditation so that you can open yourself to discover divine knowledge and enjoy deep spiritual experiences.

Angel aura assists you in connecting to your angels and spirit guides. Angel aura quartz brings love and light into any situation, promoting kindness, compassion, peace and calming.

It allows forgiveness of yourself and others an in turn works to mend broken relationships. 

Angel aura quartz assists you to let go of all that is in the past that may be holding you back. Angel aura quartz aids in resolving issues and disagreements as it promotes love and romance.

It teaches you to speak with kindness and compassion. The name comes from the connection that this stone has with the angelic realm.

It is a powerful piece for harmonizing your vibrations to a level that allows you to make contact with the angels. 

Origin: Europe

* Estimated Delivery: 30-50 days