Ritual Kit - Abundance
Ritual Kit - Abundance
Ritual Kit - Abundance
Ritual Kit - Abundance
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Ritual Kit - Abundance

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It’s no secret that we live in a culture of MORE, and with all of the influencers around us, it can be pretty tempting to buy into that mentality. But rather than ask ourselves what we want, we can start considering what it is we’re being called to create.


The Abundance Ritual Kit reminds us that we have the power to manifest abundance in our lives, careers, and relationships. By rejuvenating our sense of purpose, we can tap directly into our power and knowing to achieve all the success we were born for.


      + Citrine and Clear Quartz Crystals

      + Palo Santo Smoke Stick

      + Abalone Shell

      + Manifest Essential Oil

      + Instructional Ritual Guide 

      + Crystal and Oil Information Cards

      + Tea light candle

      + Matchbox 



     + Citrine cleanses the energy of its user, and allows for growth and regeneration.

     The unique properties of the crystal give way for self-healing, inspiration, and self-

     improvement. Carrying the power of the sun, citrine helps us radiate our highest 

     sense of self, develop clarity of thought, and cultivate an inner calm. It stimulates   

     guidance when we’re faced with criticism and the need to change course.

     + Clear Quartz, known as a ‘Stone of Power’, is the most versatile healing crystal.          It was the first crystal reported by scientists to have electric properties and is   

      actually used in lots of modern electronics – nearly every iPhone and Laptop! As a 

      healing crystal, it protects against negative energy, magnifies the user’s energy and

      uplifts moods. Clear Quartz radiates positivity and is a great stone to use in any type

      of crystal work, as it intensifies the energies of any crystals around it.


     + Palo Santo Smoke Stick

     Medicinal smoke produces ions which wash away free radicals, airborne pathogens,       and bad energies. Palo Santo smoke will cleanse your space and allow for new         

     opportunities and possibilities to manifest. Harvested sustainably when a tree branch       falls, it produces minimal smoke with a sweet, woody scent with notes of     

     frankincense, cedar, and licorice. It’s our preferred smoke for everyday rituals.


   + Abalone Shell

    The abalone shell has been used for centuries by many cultures as a tool for smoke     

    cleansing. It calls in the element of water, while the Sage calls in earth, the candle     

    flame calls in fire, and the smoke calls in air. Our shells are sustainably sourced as a 

    byproduct from food processing plants in Mexico.


      + Manifest Blend

      Orange, Patchouli, Grapefruit and Frankincense will uplift your senses and open     

      you up to manifesting abundance.

      *Please note, the size, shape, and color of the natural elements included in this kit can vary. We select each item with love             and care. We hope you enjoy!